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Akal Academy is established and managed by The Kalgidhar Trust/Society | The school has an outstanding record in the annual National Board exams conducted by the CBSE | Keeping in view the conviction of its founders that only a blend of modern worldly scientific education and the spiritual ethos can make a progressive and altruistic human being and prevent misuse of knowledge, the school administration works round the clock to inculcate these values in the students | Sant Attar Singh Ji, the founder of this unique institution Akal Academy, was a votary of modern scientific education duly tempered with spirituality. In order to implement his vision, Sant Attar Singh Ji identified and inspired Sant Teja Singh Ji, MA, LLB, (Punjab) AM (Harvard), the former Principal of Khalsa College, Amritsar (1904-1906) to acquire the most modern scientific education from the West (1906-1913) | To fulfill the vision of Sant Attar Singh Ji, Sant Teja Singh Ji identified Baru Sahib, a serene and picturesque land in the lower Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, India as Tapo Bhoomi (place of meditation), where saints & sages, from times immemorial had meditated on the Divine Naam, and laid the foundation of Sant Attar Singh Hari Sadhu Ashram, Baru Sahib, in 1956 | He established The Kalgidhar Trust to further the mission of spreading Guru Nanak's message of universal brotherhood by combining spirituality with modern scientific education | The Kalgidhar Trust/Society established its first school at Baru Sahib in 1986 and has established 71 more branches since then
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Added By : Webmaster on : 2011-06-02
Via Rajgarh, Teh.- Pachhad, Sirmaur
Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh
Pincode : 173101
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